Name: HUDDY23 (Signed) · Date: 11/23/10 12:53 am · For: The Lady of the Lake

it's just great a work!!!


they are soooo right for each other!!! MAYBE SOME DAY ;)

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The ending was a little rushed in my opinion.. But I liked it anyway.. Nice story.. ;)

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Nice chapter :) .. I'm sad the next one it's the last :( ..

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Great fic!! Update please?? I got addicted to it.. xD

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'll update right now!

Name: snakesonacane (Anonymous) · Date: 12/09/09 12:05 am · For: The Lake

this was a lovely chapter and what he did for her was sweet,the way he told her loved her was amazing, jus wonder now were that leaves him and his wife? will he have to face this? keep updating i really like this story :D

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kinda a short chapter i wanted more!! anyway nice story still keep updating :) x

Author's Response:

So I give you a little something extra;) I updated chapter 10;)

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aww, last part was sweet, i totally forgot about his wife i guess i was to engrossed in the story!! 

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i cant wait to read what this suprise is!!! so glad u had updated by the time i got home from work made my evening after checking all day and nothing :( ah thanks for the update !!

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awwwwww. please dont leave it like this for the rest of the day, i wanna read more at work!! i love the texts between them, wonder if there will be any mischief at night!! excellent keep up the work!

Author's Response:

thanks;) But I think I'm not going to post again today, next update will be tomorrow:)

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i really like the texts between hugh and lisa, cant wait for more!! im at work at the minute so would apreciate another chapter :D keep it up x

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Author's Response:

:) I'm in the Netherlands so that's almost the same timezone;) Thanks for your reviews!:D

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Author's Response:

Thank you! I've written the complete story already;) So how about I give you one more chapter right now? =P

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