Reviews For Aspen

Name: Rolex Cellini (Anonymous) · Date: 06/30/16 10:57 am · For: Aspen

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Name: Juliette (Anonymous) · Date: 08/19/15 11:22 pm · For: Aspen

V ery well-written. Yes, it's Hugh and Lisa, but it is certainly one of the most romantic thing I have ever read. Very cute, nice, funny and realistic. I feel everything as if I were Lisa ! Thank you for this story !

Best regards,

Juliette. France

Name: cuddyforever (Anonymous) · Date: 06/21/11 05:37 am · For: Aspen
I like the story. I would continue:) I really just love reading Huli RPFs, it's so refreshing. I love that you incorporated the song Melody & it was really sweet how Hugh wrote the songs for her and made her a cd of them and Melody.

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