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Title: Journey of Courage by Chameleon777
Ratings: No age limits / Bez ograniczeń wiekowych [Reviews - 3]

This is a crossover story between House M.D. and Crossing Jordan.

What if Jordan wasn't the one who was sick with the meningioma? What if it was someone else who was sick and what if the sickness brought to light a troubled past that led to a career choice, a scattered family being brought together, and undiscovered realizations about life and love? Past faces reappear that make just surviving each day difficult and hidden strength must be drawn upon.

If there's an illness present in someone, House and Wilson can't be far away, now can they? Of course, they're right in the mix of trying to be of help.


Note: House, Cuddy, and Wilson don't appear until the second chapter, but the OC in the story has a few of House's mannerisms.



Categories: Angst, Drama, Family
Characters: None
Series: None
Number of chapters: 4 | Completed: No | Words: 8907 | Read: 21399

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Published: 08/31/13 | Updated: 09/19/13